Historical Letter Writing Role-Playing

While preparing my recent blog post on costume bloggers, I came across a blog post on A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle where she briefly mentioned joining a “letter exchange role play.” I contacted her to find out more info.

She and a group of other Jane Austen (almost exclusively Swedish) fans gathered in a Facebook group. Each person creates a fictional persona, posts some details of their character and other players sign up to exchange letters with that character as their own character. Characters can be relatives, friends, etc. and players are encouraged to make their letters look genuine to the time period they’re writing in.

I fell in love with the concept but I felt like my Jane Austen knowledge wasn’t quite up to snuff. Plus, I’d rather write from an earlier point in history.

So, I created a Facebook group of my own, open to fans of any historical time period. I’m still gathering resources and members but I’ll likely be posting a character sometime right before or after Christmas maybe.

If exchanging letters to someone in the past as someone from the past appeals to you, I welcome you to join the group as well!

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Jillianne Hamilton is a history enthusiast, author, graphic designer, paper crafter and artist living on Canada's beautiful east coast.