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Women’s Fashion 1784-1970

Despite putting almost zero effort into what I wear on a day to day basis, the history of fashion fascinates me. What people wore said a lot about the times they lived in. These two graphics, created by Reddit user Mer-fishy, show the gradual progression of fashion between 1784 and 1970. Aren’t they FABULOUS?

Mad about Mad Hatter Disease

I’m a big fan of medical history so I was surprised when I heard the term “Mad hatter disease” recently and I was unfamiliar with it. The only Mad Hatter I was aware of until recently was the silly top hat-wearing gentleman in Alice in Wonderland. When I discovered that the disease actually related to hats, I got even more excited. (I love me a good …

5 Savvy Businesswomen from History

Hurray, it’s Women’s History Month! In addition, March 8th is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Be Bold for Change. The 10 women in this article definitely knew something about being bold, as being a woman with her own business was an unheard of thing until, well, not all that long ago. Marie Tussaud When Marie Tusseau was very young, she and her mother …