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About The Lazy Historian

What is The Lazy Historian?

The Lazy Historian is a fun, casually-written history blog founded in 2015. Since then, I’ve featured articles on western European history, women’s history, North American history, and more.

In 2018, my first non-fiction book was published: The Lazy Historian’s Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII and I plan to write more of these in the future. 

Currently, I am working on my first historical fiction novel.


Why “lazy?”

I didn’t major in history in university. I actually studied Journalism and Graphic Design in college. My love for history was born when I was in junior high and was first introduced to the story of Henry VIII’s wives. Since then, I’ve read countless books and articles, I’ve watched lots of TV specials and listened to loads of history podcasts. “Lazy” may be a bit harsh, but I wanted to keep this blog light, and poking fun at my lack of formal education (in history anyway).

Who are you?

 I’m Jillianne Hamilton (or just Jill). I’m an author and a graphic designer living on Canada’s beautiful east coast. I’ve loved English history since I was a kid. While researching my action/adventure/comedy novel Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire (and its two sequels), I fell back in love with history and began expanding my areas of knowledge. I also have a blog/author website at


I have questions.

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