Review: A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty
August 7, 2018

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Mimi Matthews makes another appearance at The Lazy Historian for one of her lovely books and, once again, has written a fantastic, well-researched non-fiction book. (Go read my review for The Pug Who Bit Napoleon.)

A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty is Matthews’ newest publication and, like many books from Pen & Sword, it’s small but mighty. It’s a dense book of Victorian fashion with a chapter dedicated to each decade of the very frilly, very full skirted Victorian era (1840s-1890s). Fashion plates can be found throughout the book.

After the chapters about the evolution of women’s fashion, readers will find chapters on fashion etiquette as well as chapters on skin, hair, and cosmetics.

The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty is packed with useful information and is an absolute must-have resource for anyone writing about upperclass women during the Victorian period.

This book is available on ebook now and will be released in paperback later this month.

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