Review: Ambition – A Minuet in Power
August 22, 2021

Ambition: A Minuet in Power just released on Steam last week and I’m happy to say the game is an incredible triumph.

Produced by indie game studio Joy Manufacturing Co., Ambition is a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure “visual novel” that takes place during the French Revolution. This is the description text from the Ambition website:

A young woman finds herself alone in the streets of Paris, far from home and abandoned by the love of her life. In that moment, she decides to live for herself and seek her own passions, as France marches towards a violent uprising that will change history forever. Navigate the twisting social politics of pre-revolutionary Paris in a game world that’s different every time you play. Court, snub and seduce your way to the top of society. Extend your influence, uncover the intrigue of the coming revolution, and ensure that you end up on the winning side of history.

It’s obvious right off the bat that the team behind the game put a lot of work and effort into historical details. The character artwork is lovely, the set backgrounds are beautiful, the music is perfect, and the dialogue is wickedly witty and smart.

The game is a bit of a balancing act: you can only perform one action per day so you need to choose wisely. Will you go buy a new dress so you impress the right people at your next scheduled party? Do you go sell fresh gossip so you can afford to buy a new outfit and pay your staff? Do you stay home and rest so you’re more likely to be a success at your next event? Do you take on one of many side quests? In addition, players need to keep an eye on their Credibility and Peril status bars.

I’m looking forward to playing Ambition some more because it’s such a fun, colorful, and unique game. A giant bravo! to the development team.

*Note: the Steam page says it might not function on Mac computers running the newest Mac OS but it works just fine on mine.

Learn more about the game:

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